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The engagement of non-governmental organizations, private sector, indigenous peoples, traditional communities, and scientists to discuss pressing issues will pave the way for the proposition of concrete actions toward a more sustainable ocean.


To this end, a comprehensive strategy was designed so that the ocean will be, literally, everywhere. Oceans20 comprises three official meetings.

Inception Meeting

The Initial Meeting marks the beginning of the three official events of Oceans 20, where representatives from various sectors of society gathered to commence the proceedings.

Mid-Term Meeting

During a morning of online meetings, progress and recommendations from recent months' work will be reviewed, as well as guidelines leading up to the O20 Summit in September.

Ocean Summit

Join us at the O20 Summit, where the conveners of the O2O Brazil will present the O20 Communiqué. This document, crafted through extensive discussions with the global oceanic community, contains vital recommendations for the G20 member

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